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The Urban Playmat

The Urban Playmat

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Why we like it:

This is the only playmat that depicts a city you would actually like to live in.

The Urban Playmat came to be as part of the Little Big City Think Tank, where 37 imagination experts, ages 5 to 13 met with an urban planner to discuss their vision for a perfect city.

As they put it:

"Today’s adults grew up playing with toys on playmats inspired by city maps. The ones with plenty of roads and parking spots — but fewer parks, pavements, or bike paths.

The Little Big Think Tank - a Bolt initiative - set out to fix this.

Instead of highways and parking lots, The Little Big Playmat features shared mobility hubs, protected cycle lanes, pedestrian infrastructure, and a whole lot of greenery."

Available in 3 sizes - 24x36 inches, 36x60 inches and 48x72 inches, in horizontal and vertical shapes, this durable area rug will surely make a style statement in any room. Add playful, colorful or stylish graphics to effortlessly match your aesthetics. This area rug features hemmed edges and a coated backing, ready for any flat-lay design.

.: 100% Polyester Chenille
.: Multiple sizes
.: Hemmed edges
.: Grey underside
.: Note: Pre-constructed item. Size variance: 24" × 36" +/- 2"; 36" × 60" +/- 3"; 48" × 72" +/- 3.5";

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